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25 Arabic Language Day Celebration Ideas &Activities

BelarabyApps present Arabic language day ideas for kids in school to enjoy with our language. Hand activity ideas for children to celebrate Arabic Language Day

arabic language day ideas

25 Fun Arabic Language Day Activities, Games, And Celebration Ideas

World Arabic Language Day 2024

Since its very first celebration in 2012, each year on 18 December UNESCO commemorates World Arabic Language Day, highlighting Arabic’s legacy and immense contribution to humanity.

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Happy World Arabic Language Day!

Arabic Language Day Celebrations by Islamic Activities for Kids here Arabic language day ideas
As Muslims, the Arabic language is really essential to us because it’s the language of our Holy book.
This album is dedicated to inspiring you with ideas that you can implement at home, school, or social gatherings that will let your children love the Arabic Language.

Happy World Arabic Language Day!

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Arabic language presentation

Celebrate World Arabic Language Day on December 18 with this Google Slides & PPT template. It’s the fifth most spoken language in the world!
a presentation about this language and the culture of the countries where it’s spoken! Look at the video, the subtle gradients, and the beautiful decorations we’ve used in this design, and more facts about Arabic language!

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World Arabic Language Day 1446 – 2024

World Arabic Language Day 1444 - 2022

2022 Edition: The Contribution of the Arabic Language to Human Civilization and Culture
Through this year’s theme, UNESCO will shed light on the numerous contributions of Arabic to humanity’s cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as to knowledge production. To celebrate World Arabic Language Day 2022, UNESCO organizes round table discussions and cultural performances at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 16 December 2022. Source: UNESCO

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How is Arabic Language Day celebrated?

Here is a list of 25 fun ways to celebrate the day:

1- Making a school broadcast program on the Arabic language day

Arabic language family organize a school program about Arabic day

يوم اللغة العربية - اليوم العالمي للغة العربية

School programe in Arabic Pdf

2- Try an Arabic calligraphy workshop

  • Try an Arabic calligraphy workshop. The Islamic Calligraphy Competition

افكار عن اليوم العالمي للغة العربية 1441

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3- Arabic Language Day Competition

Teachers, encourage your students to practice or start learning Arabic by questions and answers

* Why was the Arabic language called the language of the dhad and when did this term appear?

arabic language day quiz

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4-DIY World Arabic Language Day Crafts ideas for kids

DIY World Arabic Language Day paper Crafts ideas for kids …

Watch the video step by step to make easy paper crafts for children, and present them as gifts to children within the activities of the Arabic Language Day.

أفكار توزيعات الأطفال في يوم اللغة العربية العالمي
⇒watch video

 Easy Kids Crafts for Arabic Language Day

توزيعات اطفال ليوم اللغة العربية العالمي :: اعمال ورقية

⇒watch video

Crafts World Arabic Language Day

اعمال فنية اليوم العالمي للغة العربية - توزيعات اطفال

⇒Watch video

5- Poems for World Arabic Language Day

Arabic language day ideas to celebrate Arabic day festival

Anasheed about Arabic language

6- Arabic language day activities

افكار مجسمات حروف الغة العربية

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7- Arabic alphabet and Arabic calligraphy on the school board

افكار لوحات مدرسية للغة العربية

school board activities

افكار عن اليوم العالمي للغة العربية 1441 - لغتي هويتي

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8-Free Arabic language Card with poetry verses

World Arabic Language Day 2022 Greeting Cards

Free Arabic language Card with poetry verses

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9- Use Games and Multi-Media

look at your children’s other hobbies and activities. What do they enjoy doing? What activities make them happy?

Which of these activities could you spontaneously enhance every time they accomplish something new or take another step toward their language goals? A new video game, some more soccer equipment, a party,

⇒ Children’s entertainment games & activities :

10- Essay about Arabic language in Arabic

موضوع تعبير عن اللغة العربية وأهميتها وكيفية الحفاظ عليها

⇒: Essay about Arabic day

11-Arabic Alphabet Letters with pictures and words

‘STOP THE BUS’ It’s a fantastic game that helps our children and Beginners in Arabic to learn Arabic Now we talk about
Arabic Alphabet Letters with pictures and words  – Arabic Alphabet Game

جدول اسم حيوان نبات جماد مدن .. لعبة stop it’s complete

⇒Download the game here

12-World Arabic Language Day Calligraphy, Free Printables

Students are actively involved in the preparation of the event, where they bring in posters both in Arabic and English The exhibition focuses on these pieces as its main focus and hopes to include lectures and seminars in its future Arabic.
we present in this article Arabic calligraphy pdf free downloadمخطوطات عربية جاهزة للطباعة

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13-Arabic alphabet letters worksheets, Free Printable

Let’s Learn the Arabic Letters  with These worksheets in a fun and unique way with our cute Free Printable letters worksheets

Arabic alphabet in English PDF into Arabic to teach the Arabic language

أوراق عمل حرف التاء Pdf لرياض الاطفال

⇒Download worksheets 

14-Free Printable Arabic Coloring Pages, Muslim Kids

Our kids love painting and coloring so much. In this article we present the free Arabic Coloring Pages- Islamic Coloring Pages and simple decorative drawings, you can dear educator print them and dedicate them to children within the activities of  the Arabic language week to express the love of The Arabic language on Arabic Language Day.

رسمة لغتي هويتي للتلوين - يوم اللغة العربية بالصور 

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15-Arabic Letters Songs For Kids

Alif Arnab | Arabic Alphabet Nasheed for kids
Arabic alphabet song lyrics

Arabic Letters Songs For Kids

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16-Best Arabic Stories for Kids

قصة مصورة عن جمال اللغة العربية للاطفال

On Arabic Language Day, the most beautiful gift we give to our children
Arabic illustrated stories for children about the importance of the Arabic language in our lives.

17-Learn Arabic through short stories for beginners

قصص عن اللغة العربية - قصة حروف المد مصورة

click here to read the story 

18- Hikayat APP .. Best Arabic Stories For Kids

 Hekayat App, Read to your child and encourage him to love the Arabic language with more than 500 Arabic stories for children and new purposeful children’s stories in Arabic

Download Now !! .. (Hikayat APP) Arabic  stories for kids

تطبيق حكايات بالعربي أندرويدتطبيق حكايات بالعربي آب ستورز

19-Free  Arabic alphabet stories for kindergarten

28 free Arabic Alphabet Letters Stories Printables – Learn Arabic

Teach your child the Arabic alphabet letters with 28 Best Arabic letters stories images – Arabic alphabet for kids. letter stories for the first grade of primary and alphabet stories for kindergarten.

free arabic letters stories

For more stories click here:Arabic alphabet stories

20- Free Arabic alphabet flashcards with pictures

Arabic alphabet flashcards with pictures

For more Flashcards click here:Arabic alphabet flashcards with pictures

21- Free Educational flashcard Muslim child etiquette

arabic language day activities

For more Flashcards click here:Table Manners In Islam – Free Flashcards For Kids

22- Free Educational games App … Learn ARABIC ALPHABET FOR KIDS

Free educational games application to teach Arabic letters to preschoolers and kindergarteners.


Download Arabic Alphabet for kids App Now !!

تطبيق الحروف بالعربي

23-Arabic Short Stories and Cartoons

Watch a cartoon video of short Arabic stories for children

watch more here

24- Arabic flashcards printable about International Day – the language of Quran

بطاقات عن اللغة العربية - لغتنا العربية .. لغة القرآن free Arabic Language Day Images

Native speakers, make sure to preserve the Arabic language by talking to your children in your mother tongue.
Creative Background Calligraphy Contain circle Arabic Letters Without specific meaning. International Arabic Language day.

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25- Fruits & Vegetables Flashcards in Arabic game

These lovely flashcards will help your kids or students to learn the names of fruits and Vegetables in Arabic and English.  Moreover, They would be great for teachers to use for whole-group or small-group reviews. Even more, teachers can use them to display in classroom demonstrations as a visual aid.
Check our free fruits flashcards in Arabic Flashcards for kindergarten below.

بطاقات تعليم أسماء الفواكه بالانجليزي والعربي .. فلاش كارد للاطفال

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How to Help Your Kids Stay Interested in Learning Arabic

  • Games, songs, and videos/movies have proven to be very effective tools for helping children learn a new language and stay engaged with their lessons.
  • Make Learning a Game
  • Learning all the vocabulary about their favorite sport or game
  • Learning region-specific words used by characters in their favorite books or movies
  • Watching a video every day that teaches new Arabic words and phrases
  • Singing along with their favorite song perfectly
  • Winning a word game in Arabic
  • Don’t push.
  • Too Much May Push Them Away

Quotes about the Arabic language in Arabic

  • My language and I’m proud to have her love. لُغتي وأفخر إذْ بُليتُ بحُبها
  • It’s the beauty and her separation. فهي الجمالُ وفَصلُها التِبيانُ
  • It’s Arabic, there is no doubt that her statement.  عربيةٌ لاشكَ أن بيانَها
  • It’s smiling in the gap of the Qur’anمتبسمٌ في ثغرهِ القرآنُ

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We present this  article about 25 Arabic Language Day Celebration Ideas &Activities,
Arabic language day activities to celebrate International Arabic day … for more articles aimed at teaching Arabic follow us on your website in Arabic we learn

For more ideas about Arabic Language Day 2024

Click here: Arabic Language Day ideas in 2024

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