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Learn the Arabic letter Faa (ف)with words –Alphabet Game

Hello guys, here we present Game of the Day, ‘STOP THE BUS’ It’s a fantastic game that helps our children and Beginners in Arabic to learn Arabic
Now we talk about the Arabic letter Faa (ف) with the words Alphabet Game

arabic letter faa words

Learn the Arabic letter Faa (ف)with words –Alphabet Game

words that start with ف 

Stop its complete game –  Learn Arabic Letters Game

stop-it’s-complete is a game I really enjoy playing with my students. The joy of this game is that it’s completely adaptable for all levels of students and really challenges their vocabulary.

Arabic Alphabet story for letter Faa (ف)

Moving on to our twenty-fourth letter of the Arabic alphabet (ف), we will look at various words and phrases beginning with (ف) along with more culture/language-related facts.

Let’s begin with looking at your primary forms of the letter ف.

1- Arabic letter Faa words flashcard

The Arabic letter Fa is a Moon letter. That means that the l in al is assimilated with Fa  and thereby pronounced as F

In other words: The definite article for words that start with Fa is pronounced af, not al.

Forms of Faa’ in the 3 positions:

Initial :  فَ … فَراشة – فَأر – فَأس

Middle: فُ … فُول – فُستان – فُلّ

End:فِ … فِيل – فِجل – فِناء

Faa Arabic Letter 

arabic letter faa words

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2. Arabic words that start with ف

  • فلفل، فل، فكرة،فجل .
  • فجر، فنجان – فهد ، فقمة.
  •  فأس، فرسان، فك، فارس.
  • فسيح، فتح، فحم، فحص.
  • فرشة، فراش، فستان، فطائر، فخار.

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3. Boys name starts with the Faa letter in Arabic

  • فهمي.
  • فضل
  • فهد
  • فارس
  • فراس
  • فايز
  • فواز
  • فهر
  • فهد
  • فطين
  • فزاع
  • فرج
  • فرحان
  • فريد
  • فخر الدين
  • فخراني
  • فتح الله
  • فجر الإسلام
  • فاروق

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4. Girl name start with Faa (ف)

Words starting with faa in Arabic

  • فريدة
  • فدوى
  • فريال.
  • فلة.
  • فادية.
  • فردوس.
  • فاتن.
  • فريحة.
  • فلك.
  • فرات.
  • فتحية.
  • فرح.
  • فجر.
  • فصيحة.
  • فضة.
  • فاينان.

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5. Arabic Animals’ names start with Faa

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6. Arabic Plants Vocabulary starts with the letter faa – Learn Arabic

  • فراولة.
  • فول.
  • فلفل.
  • فجل .
  • فاصوليا.
  • فستق.
  • فريك.
  • فل.
  • فقوس.
  • فشاغ.
  • فطر.
  • فليو.
  • فينوس.
  • فم السمكة.
  • فرشاة الزجاج.

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7. Arabic names for things start with Faa – the Arabic letter fa

اسم جماد يبدأ بحرف ف

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8. Arabic name for country starts with ف

Words starting with zaa in Arabic

  • فلسطين
  •  فاتيكان
  • فنلندا
  • فيتنام
  • فرخشنيط
  •  فرنسا
  •  فيجي
  •  فيفا
  • فاس
  • فالنسيا
  • فينيسيا
  • فيينا

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9. Arabic Alphabet Game – Food names in Arabic

  • فاصوليا .
  • فتة .
  • فريكة .
  • فتوش.
  • فلافل.
  • فراخ.
  • فطر.

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10. Learn the names of Jobs in the Arabic language starting with the letter faa

Words faa Arabic letter

  • فلاح
  • فيزيائي
  • فني صيدلة
  • فنان
  • فران
  • فكهاني
  • فوتجرافر

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11- Word examples using the Arabic letter Faa

Adjectives with letter Faa

  • فظ.
  • فقيه.
  • فريدة.
  • فائق.
  • فاتن.
  • فاتك أو فتاك.
  • فادي.
  • فطين.

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Stories of Arabic letters with pictures

Arabic Alphabet story for the letter zaa(with pictures, and text)

The Arabic letter Faa is a Moon Letter.

It follows the same basic shape as Gaff but with one dot on top.

Here is the story of the letter Faa for children in kindergarten and preschool, to learn words with the letter ف and the forms of the letter Faa in the first, middle and last word.
Let’s follow the story together:

قصة حرف الفاء لرياض الاطفال بالصور

Finally, this game is a practice for children to enhance their language and educational tools for learning the Arabic alphabet for beginners.

we hope this topic Learning the Arabic letter Faa (ف) with words is helpful for you.

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