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Arabic Alphabet Letters with pictures and words

Hello guys, here we present Game of the Day, ‘STOP THE BUS’ It’s a fantastic game which helps our children and Beginners in Arabic to learn Arabic Now we talk about
Arabic Alphabet Letters with pictures and words  – Arabic Alphabet Game

arabic alphabet with pictures and words

Arabic Alphabet Letters with pictures and words

Game of the Day, ‘STOP THE BUS Arabic Alphabet Game PDF

Below is a game I really enjoy playing with my students. The joy about this game is that it’s completely adaptable for all levels of students and really challenges their vocabulary. 


  • 1 worksheet per pair of students


  1. have the students make pairs (you can have them in 3s or 4s if you like)
  2. give each group a worksheet
  3. draw the first ‘stop the bus’ grid on the board with a space for each teams answers.
  4. Choose one student in the class to stand and say the alphabet in their head (I usually have them play ROCK SCISSOR PAPER to decide who does this)
  5. Have another student shout stop for the alphabet student to stop on a letter of the alphabet
  6. That student calls out the letter he/she stopped on
  7. Use that letter for game one (each grid has 3 games)
  8. When a pair/group of students completes all categories they have to shout, “STOP THE BUS”
  9. At that time all teams must write on the board the answers they came up with
  10. If any team have the same answer neither team gets a point for that word
  11. Points are only allocated to words which no other team has used

Categories Game – The Category Game – Stop the Bus

Popular game where students try to find words in different categories starting with the same letter. Several different game cards as well as blank templates can be found in this file.
Just copy the lot on A4 (resize and copy 2 cards per A4 to save paper). Enjoy. worksheets for print

Arabic alphabet letters with words

لعبة ولد وبنت وجماد وحيوان وبلاد بكل الحروف

Free.. Download arabic alphabetStop the Bus games

Arabic alphabet letters with words examples

arabic alphabet with pictures and words


Free.. Download arabic alphabet letters with words games PDF

Arabic alphabet poster – letters words


حرف بنت ولد حيوان جماد نبات بلاد المجموع
أ أميرة أمير أسد إبرة أرز أثينا
ب بسمة باسم بقرة برواز برقوق بيروت
ت تهاني تامر تمساح تليفون توت تركيا
ث ثريا ثامر ثعبان ثوب ثمرة ثمبو
ج جويرية جميل جمل جردل جوز جيبوتي
ح حورية حسن حمار حربة حمص حماة
خ خديجة خالد خروف خندق خروب خرطوم
د دارين داوود دب دبوس دراق دنمارك
ذ ذكية ذاكر ذئب ذهب ذرة ذمار
ر رانا رامي رنة ركن رمان رومانيا
ز زكية زكي زرافة زمرد زعفران زامبيا
س سميرة ساهر سلحفاة سلسلة سبانخ سوريا
ش شيماء شاهر شمبانزي شبكة شاي شيكاغو
ص صابرة صابر صقر صورة صبار صربيا
ض ضياء ضياء ضفدع ضرس ضريع ضباء
ط طاهرة طلعت طاووس طماطم طاولة طاجكستان
ظ ظريفة ظريف ظبي ظفر ظفرة ظهران
ع عبير على عندليب عود عنب عمان
غ غالية غالي غزال غربال غصن غينيا
ف فهيمة فهمي فهد فرشاة فراولة فرنسا
ق قسمت قاسم قرد قميص قمح قطر
ك كاميليا كامل كلب كرة كرات كرواتيا
ل ليلى لبيب لاما لوح ليمون ليبيا
م مروة ماهر ماعز مرو ملفوف مصر
ن نورهان نور نمر نرد نعناع نيجر
ه هويدا هاني هدهد هاتف هيل هنغاريا
و ولاء وسام وحيد القرن ورق ورد واشنطن
ي ياسمين يوسف يمام يخت ياسمين يونان

Learn arabic letters game

Arabic letters stories with pictures

28 free Arabic Alphabet Letters Stories Printables – Learn Arabic

Teach your child the Arabic alphabet letters with 28 Best Arabic letters stories images – Arabic alphabet for kids. letter stories for the first grade of primary and alphabet stories for kindergarten.

arabic alphabet with pictures and words

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Arabic letters beginning, middle end flashcards

Arabic Letters – Beginning, Middle, End flashcards to learn easily.

arabic alphabet with pictures and words

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Finally, this game is a practice for children to enhance their language and educational tools for learning the Arabic alphabet for beginners.

we hope this topic Learning Arabic Alphabet Letters with pictures and words is useful for you.
our goal is to make learning Arabic easier for everyone and we are currently developing several innovative techniques that are based on mnemonics (memory aids) to help learn the Arabic alphabet for beginners.

Best App to learn Arabic letters

28 Best Arabic letters stories images – Arabic alphabet for kids.


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تطبيق الحروف بالعربي

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