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Learn the Arabic letter Baa (ب)with words -Arabic Alphabet Game

Hello guys, here we present Game of the Day, ‘STOP THE BUS’ It’s a fantastic game which helps our children and Beginners in Arabic  to learn Arabic  Now we talk about the letter Baa (ب) Learn the Arabic letter Baa (ب) with words

arabic letter baa words

Learn the Arabic letter Baa (ب) with words – Arabic Alphabet Game

1- Arabic words that start with baa

words that start with ب

Stop it’s complete game

stop-it’s-complete is a game I really enjoy playing with my children. The joy about this game is that it’s completely adaptable for all levels of students and really challenges their vocabulary.

Arabic letter Baa flashcards

words ب flashcards – Arabic letter baa words

arabic letter baa words

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1. words that start with baa in Arabic

Baa’ represents all four kinds of sounds. And they are distinguished by “Al-Tashkeel” as we mentioned earlier

  • بَ … بَقرة
  • بُ … بُرج
  • بِ … بِنت
  • بْ … إبْرة

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2. Boy Names Starting with Baa – Learn Arabic

Here Arabic names for Boy starting with Baa (ب)

  • باسل
  • بلال
  • باهر
  • بيلي
  • بدر
  • بدران
  • براء
  • بركات
  • بشارة
  • بكر
  • بهاء
  • بهير
  • بهيج

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3. Girl Names Starting with Baa (ب)

View all Arabic names for Girl starting with baa or Alphabet Letter ” ب

  • بهية
  • بتول
  • بلقيس
  • بيسان
  • بسنت
  • بوسي
  • بيران
  • بيري
  • بسمة
  • بنان

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4. Animals that start with the letter B – Arabic letter baa

Words starting with baa in Arabic

  • باندا
  • بطة
  • بغل
  •  بايسون
  • بنغول
  • بومة

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5. Plants that Start with B – Learn Arabic

Common plant names beginning with the letter Baa (ب)

  •  بنفسج
  • بطيخ
  • بقدونس
  • بصل
  • بازلاء
  • بقول
  • بابونج
  • باذنجان
  • بذر
  • برعم
  • بلح
  • بهار
  • بامية .
  • بازلاء
  • بطاطس
  • بطاطا

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6. Learn the Arabic letter Ba with word samples

Arabic name for things start with alif

  • باب
  • بانيو
  • بيانو
  • بركة
  • بلكونة
  • بلاستيشن
  • بالون
  • بارود
  • بلاط
  • بودرة
  • برواز
  • بندقية
  • براية
  • براد
  • بوك
  • بئر
  • بيت
  • برواز

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7. Countries beginning with B – learn arabic letters game

List of country names in Arabic language letter ba (ب)

  • باريس
  • باراغواي
  • باكستان
  • برمودا
  • بروناي
  • بلجيكا
  • بلغاريا
  • بنغلاديش
  • بنما
  • بنين
  • بوتان
  • بورتوريكو
  • بوركينا فاسو
  • بوروندي
  • بولندا
  • بوليفيا
  • بيرو
  • بيروت

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8.Arabic food vocabulary – Arabic learning Letter ba

Food names in Arabic baa (ب)

  • بيتزا
  • بسبوسة
  • بامية
  • برقوق
  • بازلاء
  • بان كيك
  • بيتي فور

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9. Learn names of Jobs in Arabic language start with the letter baa

Learn names of Jobs in Arabic language

  • بناء
  • بياض
  • بوسطجي
  • بوليس
  • بستاني
  • بائع
  • بَيْطَرَي
  • بروفيسور
  • بواب
  • بحار
  • بقال

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10. Arabic words starting with b (ب)

    • بندقية
    • صابون
    • ربيع
    • بحيرة
    • بيت
    • بطيخ
    • بجع
    • برص
    •  بلح
    • برد
    • بارد
    • بصل
    • بخيل
    • بلسم
    • برق
    • بلاد
    • بساط
    • بوق

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Arabic words with baa in the middle

Here Learn the Arabic letter baa, Basic Sample words of baa in the middle

جبل – طبق – حبر – حقيبة – مكتبة – سباك

Arabic words that end with baa

عنب – عرب– حب – ملعب – كتب – كباب – حرب – قلب 

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Arabic letters baa (ب) beginning, middle-end flashcards

Stories of Arabic letters with pictures

Arabic Alphabet story for letter baa (with pictures, and text)

Here is the story of the letter B for children of kindergarten and preschool, to learn words with the letter B and the forms of the letter B in the first, middle and last word.
Let’s follow the story together here

Finally, this game is a practice for children to enhancement their language and educational tools for learning Arabic alphabet for beginners.

we hope this topic Learning the Arabic letter Baa (ب) with words is useful for you.
our goal is to make learning Arabic easier for everyone and we are currently developing a number of innovative techniques that are based on mnemonics (memory aids) to help learn Arabic alphabet for beginners.

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