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Arabic Alphabet story for letter Qaaf (ق)- Learn Arabic

Arabic Letter Qaaf (ق) Arabic Alphabet For Children Arabic Alphabet story for letter Qaaf (ق)

Teach your child the Arabic alphabet letters with 28 Best Arabic letters stories images
letter stories for the first grade of primary and alphabet stories for kindergarten.

arabic alphabet story for letter Qaaf

Arabic Alphabet story for letter Qaaf (ق) – Learn Arabic

Stories of Arabic letters with pictures, here we learn Arabic story for the letter qaf(ق)
Let’s know the Letter  (ق ) today. It is the twenty-first letter of the Arabic Alphabet.

The Arabic letter Qaf is a moon Letter.

It has a basic shape that is common for the letter: Faa.

Closest to English sound: No equivalent, but similar to being caught from the back of the throat.

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Arabic Alphabet story for letter Qaaf (with audio, pictures and text)

The Qaaf (qaf) Arabic Letter is one of the most important letters in the Arabic alphabet. Learning the Qaaf (qaf) Arabic Letter is essential for anyone interested in learning Arabic.
Isolated: ق
End: ق
Middle: ـقـ
Initial: قـ

arabic alphabet story for letter Qaaf

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What does the letter QAF mean?

The Arabic letter Qaf ( ) is the equivalent of the letter ‘Q’ in the English alphabet. The position of the letter Qaf ( ) in the normal Arabic character set is “21“. In the numerical character set, Abjad, Qaf ( ) “19” Position, has the value of 100

Arabic story for letter Qaf

To pronounce the “ق”, try making a “Q” sound in the back of your throat.

ذَهَبَ قَاسِمٌ إِلَى حَدِيقَةِ الْحَيَوَانِ.

شَاهَدَ قَاسِمُ قِرْدًا يَلْعَبُ مَعَ قِرْدٍ.

وَقِرْدًا يَقْفِزُ دَاخِلَ الْقَفَصِ،

وَقِرْدًا يَأْكُلُ مَوْزًا.

فَرِحَ قَاسِمٌ، وأخَذَ صُوَرًا كَثِيرَةً لِلْقِرْدِ.

♥ اقرأ أيضًا : قصة حرف الكاف للروضة بالصور

How to Write Arabic Letters qaaf?

he Arabic alphabet doesn’t have upper or lowercase letters, like we see in the Latin alphabet letters. but the letters are combing when writing a word. However, each arabic letter can be written in Contextual forms.

The Arabic letters of words are written and read from right to left, horizontally. There are four Contextual forms that each letter can take:

  • Isolated: ق
  • End: ق
  • Middle: ـقـ
  • Initial: قـ

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Learn Arabic Alphabet Letters With Words Worksheets in pdf file below…

learn arabic alphabet letters with words pdf

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Arabic Letter qaaf Worksheets

arabic alphabet for letter Qaaf

Free-! 28 Arabic Alphabet Letters Stories Printables – Learn Arabic

free arabic letters stories

The Arabic Language, unlike English, is written from right to left.

It’s great we need more worksheets that can be helpful for the kids to speak and write in the Arabic language.
teach your child the alphabet letters with words by using Arabic Alphabet Letters and Stories Printables.
Stories of Arabic letters with pictures
Arabic Alphabet stories for letters ( alif  to Yaa) (with video, pictures, and text)

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Learn Arabic Alphabet Letters Flashcards

Arabic alphabet flashcards with pictures and letter Ain – Arabic Alphabet Cards Arabic Flashcards

Arabic alphabet flashcards printable for kids

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Fatha : قَ : قَصر
Damma : قُ : قُبعة
Kasra:قِ : قِرد

قَا : قَارب
قُو : عقُول
قِي : قِيعان

♥♥ اقرأ أيضًا : قصص الحروف الهجائية مصورة للأطفال .. تعليم الحروف العربية

أغنية حرف القاف – Qaaf Song – Arabic Letter

قمر في الليل يرافقنا في رحلتنا نحو البحر
نقطع وديانًا وحقولًا معنا يبطيء معنا يجري
ووصلنا البحر توقفنا فتوقف في الحال تألّق
يُلقي فوق الشاطيء نورًا، فوق الماء فوق الزورق
لم أخبركم كان صديقًا آخر في رحلتنا معنا
هو الحرف قاف يرافقنا وبأجمل قصص يمتّعنا

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28 Best Arabic letters stories images – Arabic alphabet for kids.


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تطبيق الحروف بالعربي

How do you pronounce qaaf?

Learn Arabic alphabet, and Arabic writing for kids

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