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Learn the Arabic letter Qaaf (ق)with words -Alphabet Game

Hello guys, here we present Game of the Day, ‘STOP THE BUS’ It’s a fantastic game that helps our children and Beginners in Arabic  to learn Arabic  Now we talk about the letter Qaaf (ق) Learn the Arabic letter Qaaf (ق) with words

arabic letter Qaaf words

Learn the Arabic letter Qaaf (ق) with words

1- Arabic words that start with ق

words that begin with ق

Stop it’s complete game stop-it’s-complete is a game I really enjoy playing with my students. The joy of this game is that it’s completely adaptable for all levels of students and really challenges their vocabulary.

Arabic letter Qaaf (ق) with diacritics

قَ … غَيمة – غَزال – غَرب

قُ … غُراب – غُوريلا – غُرفة

قِ … غِذاء – غِراء – غِياب

Arabic letter Qaaf words flashcard

Arabic letter Qaaf words flashcard

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2. Arabic Letter qaaf (ق) Words

  • قمر، قطر، قطرة، قطار، قرد.
  • قريب، قربان، قائد، قادة،قصير.
  • قدم، قبول، قصيدة، قصد، قضاء.
  • قط، قامة، قرش، قوي.
  • قوة، قدر، قلق، قطيع.

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3.  Boy Names Starting with qaaf (ق)

Here Arabic names for Boys starting with (ق)

  • قصي.
  • قاسم.
  • قيس
  • قاهر
  • قتادة.
  • قحطان.
  • قدري.
  • قسام.
  • قطب.
  • قابيل
  • قارون

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4. Girl’s name starts with qaaf

View all Arabic names for girls starting with qaf or the Alphabet Letter ” qaaf “.

Pick from the vast collection of popular and best names with ق  for Girl

  • قسيمة.
  • قطاف.
  • قتادة.
  • قرة.
  • قمر.
  • قمرية
  • قريش
  • قسمة
  • قطوف
  • قمراء.
  • قمرة.
  • قسمت
  • قصواء
  • قلوب

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5. Arabic Animal’s names start with qaaf

Arabic words starting with the Arabic letter qaf

  • قرد.
  • قاطور.
  • قنديل البحر.
  • قرش البحر.
  • قبقب.
  • قنفذ.
  • قريدس.
  • قط.

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6. Learn Arabic – Arabic Plants Vocabulary start with the letter ق

Words starting with ق in Arabic

  • قرنبيط.
  • قلقاس.
  • قرنفل.
  • قرفة.
  • قمح.
  • قرع.
  • قصب.
  • قهوة.
  • قشطة.

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7. Arabic names for things start with ق – Arabic letter Qaf

Words starting with ق in Arabic

  • قطار.
  • قمر.
  • قلم.
  • قاموس.
  • قصر.
  • قفص.
  • قفل.
  • قطر.
  • قبر.
  • قبعة.
  • قرن.

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8. Arabic name for the country starts with Qaaf

Names of places in Arabic begin with Qaaf (ق)

  •  قبرص.
  • قيرغيزستان.
  • قطر.
  • قلنديا.

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9. Learn Arabic – Food names in Arabic Qaf (ق)

  • قلقاس.
  • قرع العسل.
  • قرنبيط بالجبنة.
  • قوانص الدجاج.
  • القشطة.
  • القشة السورية.
  • قلوب الدجاج.
  • القدرة الفلسطينية

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10. Learn the names of Jobs in Arabic language starting with the letter Qaaf

Learn how to write the letter Qaf

  • قاضي
  • قبطان
  • قائد
  • قصّاب

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11. Word examples using the Arabic letter Qaaf (ق)

Moving on to our twentieth letter of the Arabic alphabet (ق), we will look at various words beginning with (ق) along with more culture/language-related facts.

Let’s begin with looking at your basic forms of the letter ق.

  • Arabic words with qaaf in the beginng :قطار، قمح، قلم، قطة، قرد .
  • Arabic words with qaaf in the middle:صقر، مقص، حديقة، برتقال، عقل.
  • Arabic words with qaaf in the end:- صديق، دقيق، بوق، ساق، بطريق.

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Learn Arabic Alphabet Letters With Words PDF Worksheets

Worksheets Arabic alphabet – letter – ض – with vowels and words – daaba – ders – dofadaa ( ضَبعضِرسضُفدع )

تعليم الحروف في أول ووسط وآخر الكلمة - learn arabic alphabet letters with words pdf

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Stories of Arabic letters with pictures

Arabic Alphabet story for letter seen (with pictures, and text)

Here is the story of the letter Qaf for children in kindergarten and preschool, to learn words with the letter qaaf and the forms of the letter Qaaf (ق) in the first, middle and last word.
Let’s follow the story together here

arabic letter Qaaf story

finally, this game is a practice for children to enhance their language and educational tools for learning the Arabic alphabet for beginners.

we hope this topic Learning the Arabic letter qaaf  (ق) with words is helpful for you.

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