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Free Resources: How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine

How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine Download Our Free Resources for Children: A Creative Path to Cultural Awareness from (BelarabyApps)

How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine

Free Resources: How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine

How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine
What can we do about it? Make du’a, donate, speak out & share resources and materials. This is a chance for us to learn more, for ourselves, and teach our children about the importance of Al Aqsa. And understand the history of the plight of our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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What are some facts about Al-Aqsa Mosque for kids?

Al-Aqsa Mosque is one of the most important Islamic sites and holds significant religious and historical value. It is located in the Old City of Jerusalem and is considered the third holiest site in Islam, following Mecca and Medina. Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad, during his Night Journey, ascended to the heavens from Al-Aqsa Mosque. It is also mentioned in the Quran as the “farthest mosque.” Additionally, the mosque complex includes the Dome of the Rock, an iconic architectural masterpiece.

1- Free resources about Palestine map

How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine

Downloading the free printable Palestine flag in PDF format is a straightforward process. we offer this resource for free.

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2- Facts about Palestine country

Facts about palestine country

In today’s interconnected world, it’s crucial for children to develop a sense of global awareness and empathy. Learning about Palestine can broaden their horizons and encourage them to think about global issues with a more informed perspective.

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3- Free Printable Palestine Flag .. Download PDF Printable flag pictures

How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine

The Palestinian Flag: A Symbol of Identity and Resilience
It is not just a piece of cloth with colors; it’s a symbol of identity, hope, and resilience.

The distinctive tricolor design of black, white, and green bands has profound meanings:

  • Black: Represents the Palestinian people’s determination and unwavering spirit in the face of historical challenges.
  • White: This signifies the longing for peace and tranquility, reflecting the people’s aspiration for peaceful coexistence.
  • Green: Symbolizes the beauty of Palestine’s landscape and the deep-rooted connection to their homeland.
  • Red: Refer to   our swords

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4- Printable flag template

How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine

pdf printable flags of the world

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5- A FREE activity booklet  about Aqsa

وسائل تعليمية عن القدس وفلسطين للاطفال

If you were to ask Muslim children about Islam’s holy cities, what would they say?  Makkah and Madinah!  How many of our kids would mention Al-Quds?  How many of them could tell us all about Masjid Al-Aqsa?  Where is it?  Why is it special?

If you are looking for a free resource to help you teach your kids all about Masjid Al-Aqsa, please

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6- Free printable Palestine activities for children’s school

Free printable Palestine activities for children's school

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7- Free Palestine coloring pages

صورة خريطة فلسطين رسم

Teaching children about Palestine is not only about imparting geographic knowledge but also fostering a deeper understanding of the world’s cultural and historical diversity

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8- Free Palestine images download

خلفيات عن فلسطين والقدس

We offer HD Palestine background images for free download. Download these Palestine backgrounds or photos and you can use them for many purposes, such as banners, wallpaper, poster backgrounds as well as PowerPoint background and website backgrounds.

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9- Free Palestine wallpaper PDF

Free Palestine wallpaper PDF

Free Palestine Stickers printable pdf

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10- A play about Jerusalem for children summary

A play about jerusalem for children summary

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11- Songs about Palestine and al aqsa mosque in Arabic

Top “Palestine” Teaching Resources curated for you

الجلال والجمال والسناء والبهاء
في رباكْ…في رباكْ
والحياة والنجاة والهناء والرجاء
في هواك… في هواك
هل أراك… هل أراك..
سالماً منعَّماً وغانماً مكرَّماً؟
هل أراكْ… في علاكْ
تبلغ السِّماك؟… تبلغ السِّماك؟
موطنى… موطنى..موطني
الشباب لن يكلَّ همه أن تستقـلَّ أو يبيدْ
نستقي من الـردى ولن نكون للعدى
كالعبيد… كالعبيد
لا نريدْ… لا نريدْ.. ذلَّنا المؤبَّدا
وعيشَنا المنكَّدا لا نريدْ… بل نُعيدْ
مجدَنا التليدْ… مجدَنا التليدْ
الحسام واليَراع لا الكلام والنزاع
رمزنا… رمزنا..
مجدنا وعهدنا وواجب من الوَفا
يهزّنا… يهزّنا
عزنا… عزنا..
غاية تشرِّف وراية ترفرف
يا هَناكْ في عُلاكْ
قاهراً عِداكْ… قاهراً عِداكْ
موطني… موطني..

12- Top “Palestine” Teaching Resources curated for you

How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine

⇒Free Download Palestine is my issue pdf

Source: Kholuq

13-Free resources about Palestine pdf

How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine How to Talk to Your Children about Palestine

Free Download resources about Palestine pdf 


14- Free resources about Palestine pdf free download

Many parents with younger children are finding themselves unable to determine what and how much their children need to know about the unrest in Palestine.
It has left some wondering: How do we begin this deeply emotional conversation?

From those who have lived in Palestine and have family there, to people who are blessed to have visited its holy sites, or those who simply feel Palestine in their hearts— how we ultimately choose to communicate the situation there will vary as a result of our diverse perspectives and levels of attachment.

⇒ Download resources about Palestine pdf 

Source: Palestine for Kids website

How To Teach Children About Al Aqsa & Palestine

15- A play written about Al-Aqsa “Who Will Save Al-Aqsa”?

Through this play, whose heroes are our young children, we will present the answer out of our belief in God’s sustaining victory and His promise of victory to the believers and His messengers.

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مسرحية عن فلسطين للاطفال مكتوبة

The Story of Lailat al-Miraj

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تطبيق حكايات بالعربي أندرويد
تطبيق حكايات بالعربي آب ستورز

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