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Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages – Muslim Kids Activities

Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages – Muslim Kids Activities

Here is a step-by-step guide for performing Hajj and ‘Umrah activities coloring pages
We hope you and your family find it useful & enjoy the activities too!

رسومات عن مناسك الحج للتلوين - Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages

Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages – Muslim Kids Activities

Here you can find a very useful info-graphic for the Hajj rituals guide of coloring page. step by step guide to perform the rituals of hajj pilgrimage

اركان الخج - صور للتلوين عن مناسك الحج

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Best Stories about Eid ul Adha and Hajj For Kids

سلسلة قصص اطفال عن الحج وعيد الأضحى -أنشطة الحج وعشر ذي الحجة وعيد الأضحى للأطفال

Let’s learn more about Eid al-Adha and Hajj with the most beautiful illustrated stories through HikayaApp.

Hikayat: Arabic Stories For Kids

The application Hikayat contains a collection of Islamic stories for children that will help your kids to learn about the biggest sacrifice of this festival.

These colorful illustrated Stories will explain to your child why we Muslims celebrate this Eid, where it comes from, and what we can learn from this day.

Inside you will find a lot more information about Hajj, Mecca, The Ka’aba, Prophet Abraham, Muslim customs, and more. Your child, from these Stories, will learn a lesson about kindness to others, and also learn how to spend time well during this holiday.

Download Now !! .. Hikayat: Arabic Kids Stories

تطبيق حكايات بالعربي أندرويد
تطبيق حكايات بالعربي آب ستورز

Kaaba coloring page for kids

A Muslim man prays in front of the Kaaba.

الكعبة قبلتنا - اوراق عمل اسلامية للتلوين - Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages

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Hajj Coloring page

Muslims make Hajj and Tawaf around Kaaba.

صور عن الحج للاطفال للتلوين

Hajj Islamic coloring pages

pilgrim wears Ihram in front of  Kaaba.

الأحرام - رسومات تلوين مناسك الحج للأطفال

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Hajj colouring pages

pilgrims perform around Kaaba seven complete circuits.

الطواف حول الكعبة - تعليم الاطفال مناسك الحج

Islamic coloring book

Muslim pilgrims perform Sai by walking back and forth between Safa and Marwa mounts.

السعي - اوراق عمل مناسك الحج للأطفال - Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages

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Hajj Coloring Pages Archives – Arafat

The pilgrims spend the whole of ninth day of “Zul-Hijja” on  Arafat mountain to supplicate to Allah to forgive their sins. Arafat is the GREATEST day of the entire year!

الوقوف بجبل عرفات - أوراق عمل إسلاميّة للأطفال للتلوين - Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages

Islamic printable worksheets 2024

A man during hajj season walks behind camps.

رسومات للأطفال عن مناسك الحج للتلوين

Hajj Arafat Images coloring pages for kids

H9th of “Zul-Hijja is Yaum Arafah. On this day the people performing Hajj gather on the Mount of ‘Arafah.

Afterward, they head to Muzdalifah! Pilgrims collecting pebbles at Muzdalifah.

Free printable Islamic coloring book

Group of hajj pilgrims stoning devil pillar.

10th of Zul Hijjah is the day of ‘Eid ul Adha for Muslims worldwide! On this day, pilgrims travel back to Mina to do the following:

  • Stone Jamarat al ‘Aqabah.
  • Slaughtering their sacrificial animal
  • Cut their hair
  • Remove the Ihram
  • Perform the Tawaf al Ifaadah

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Islamic comic books – Hajj Colouring Sheet

Muslims travel to Makkah and pray in Umrah at al-haram (Hajj Mabrour).

تلوين للاطفال عن الحج 

Islamic activity sheets – free printable

رسومات للأطفال للتلوين - حج مبرور 

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Hajj coloring pages – Islamic kids activities

اوراق عمل اسلامية للاطفال - Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages

Eid ul Adha – Hajj Coloring Pages

مطبوعات للاطفال عن مساك الحج - اوراق عمل اسلامية للتلوين  - Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages

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Eid Adha Mubarak free coloring pages

رسومات عن مناسك الحج للتلوين - Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages

To download pictures of Hajj and Umrah Coloring book 2024 by steps, simply click on the images above. A larger version will open in a new tab or window. Right-click on the image and
select ( Save As ). Use sheets and Enjoy! with happy time

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