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Isra Miraj Islamic Coloring Pages, Free Printable

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Learn the Arabic letter Waw (و) with words

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Arabic alphabet: letter Waw worksheets, Free Printable

Arabic letter Waw worksheets teach how to write the...

Arabic Alphabet story for letter Waw (و)- Learn Arabic

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Free Printable Snowman Craft Template pdf

printable snowman craft with free template pdf
Today we do a fun craft for kindergartens create easy winter snowman craft for kids
game of cute snowman let’s crafting

Free Printable snowman craft template pdf

Printable Snowman Craft With Free Template pdf

This snowman craft is suitable for kids preschool and kindergarten

Printable Snowman Free Template Craft For Kids

Free Printable snowman paper craft template pdf

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: You will need

Colored Paper



Free Printable snowman craft template pdf

Download free printable Template (  THE BOTTOM  )

 print pdf the Craft snowman free Template
Then cut out all shapes for a snowman paper

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Printable snowman template

Cutting all the snowman shapes
glue snowman’s head to his body

then glue on snowman scarf
next glue his hat on the top

Free Printable Templates & Coloring Pages snowman

 Glue finally stick arms
Wonderful now you have a beautiful penguin that you can
put as decoration in your room – you can also use it at school  for children

Print the color version for a simple and easy Snowman craft and
Print the blank and white version and use it as a coloring sheet
activity then glue the pieces and collect snowman craft easily

Download your printable snowman with free template pdf here

Download the Arabic alphabet for kids App

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