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Juha and his donkey story

Juha and his donkey story

Juha, the “wise Arab Man” of Arab folklore, offers a fun escape from reality, while also communicating societal values.

joha and his donkey story - Arabic stories

Juha and his donkey story

One day, Juha was riding his donkey on the way to the market. , With his son walking beside the donkey, holding the reins, and talking to his father.

When the father and son passed by a small group of people gathering beside the road, people criticized Juha.

They said to Juha: How can you be heartless, Juha? How can you ride on the donkey while your son is forced to walk beside you?

When Juha heard these words, he went down and raised his son on the back of his donkey in his place.

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Juha and his son continued their journey, while Goha walked by the donkey, clutching the donkey mines, with his hands on their way to the market.

A mile or so later, Juha passed by a small group of women gathering around a well.

When she saw the woman she was shocked. They asked him, “How does an old man walk while his son rides on the donkey? Certainly not true!”

Juha and his donkey story

Juha and his donkey short story

So Juha climbed onto the donkey with his son and went on their journey.

It was getting into the late afternoon, the sun was shining high up in the sky and it was very hot, but still, Joha and his son continued on their journey towards the market.

The donkey was moving very slowly because of the weight of the father and son on his back until they came across a group of people who gathered on the edge of the city. People signaled with dismay when they saw Juha and his son sitting on the back of the little donkey, who was moving very slowly under the burden of the father and son.

They cried to Juha: “Why did you ride on such a little donkey?” “Can’t you see that you’re heavy and your donkey can’t bear your weight?”

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Joha, his son and the donkey

“I think it is better to leave the donkey and walk on our feet,” Juha told his son. “That way no one can tell us anything anymore.”

Thus, Juha and his son got out of the donkey. Juha took the reins in order to lead the donkey and walked with his son towards the marketplace in the middle of the village.

But when Juha arrived at the market, many people laughed and criticized the old man.

“Look what a fool!” .“ What kind of man owns a donkey and walks with his son in this extreme heat? ”

Juha picked up the donkey and said to his son: What do you think about this, let’s watch what people say now, then he might satisfy them.

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Juha (“Goha”) Stories

Juha and his son came across two men, and one of them said to the other: Wonder, Wonder! Look at Juha with his donkey !! He lost his mind.

Juha said to his son: We have tried every method, but we have not escaped the people’s words
Juha son said: So what do we do, Father? !!

Here, Juha said a famous sentence, which I knew about: “Satisfying all people is an end that cannot be realized.”

Juha was not angry with people because he realized that it was not possible to please everyone all the time, and it would have been better if every man decided how to live his own life.


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We presented the story of Juha, the donkey, and his son. One of the best stories and funny jokes of Juha. Follow us and more children’s Bedtime Stories on Belarabyapps Website.

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