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Printable Hand Washing Posters For Kids

Printable hand washing posters for kids
we present to your kids Free Printable posters To Teach Kids About Hygiene Germs and virus

printable hand washing posters for kids

Printable Hand Washing Posters For Kids

Hand washing posters for healthcare

Apply the product on the palm of one hand – rub hands together – over all surfaces including the backs of hands and fingernails – rub until hands are dry. paper towels are not needed

printable Hand Washing Posters For Kids

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When to wash your hand’s poster

This fun poster for kids shows some of the important times to wash your hands

When to wash your hand

Hand hygiene for children – steps for hand washing

Wash your hands. how to do it right

Hand hygiene for children

Hand hygiene posters 2019

Steps handwashing poster – how to use Sanitizer

hand washing for kids

Kids routine actions to prevent

Brush your teeth – wash your face – wash your hands – combing your hair

kids routine actions

How to prevent for preschoolers

Avoid touching – clean your hands – Avoid close contact – cover sneeze and coughs – clean and disinfect

Hand washing for preschoolers

Cartoon washing hands with soap

washing your hands to protect yourself against the virus

cartoon washing hands with soap

How to protect yourself and others from the virus

Diagram showing coronavirus with symptoms and preventions

How to protect yourself and others from the virus

Protecting yourself from corona virus

Wash your hand with water and soap – let’s stop covid-19

Protecting yourself from coronavirus

Help stop coronavirus

HANDS Wash them often

ELBOW Cough into it

FACE Don’t touch it

SPACE Keep a safe distance

HOME Stay if you can

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