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Arabic Numbers Workbook – Free printable Practice 1-20

Free Arabic Numbers Workbook Practice – Free Printable For Kindergarten (  1-20 ), amazing for kindergarten kids and preschoolers because they help them learn and practice counting, reading, and writing Arabic numbers.

Arabic Numbers Workbook Practice

Arabic Numbers Workbook – Free printable Practice 1-20

In this amazing article, you will find below a variety of awesome printable PDF math worksheets kids. In the first place, kinder should count objects to recognize Arabic numbers. So, some worksheets will focus on counting and number  1 -20 recognition. Further, some other worksheets will focus on practicing writing.

Circle the correct number: Counting game for kids

تمارين الارقام العربية 1-20

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Arabic Numbers Workbook 1-20

Connect the number to the correct appropriate group: Count and match with numbers

اوراق عمل الارقام العربية لرياض الاطفال

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Printable Arabic Numbers 1-20 worksheets for kids

Count and write the correct number:

تدريبات الأرقام باللغة العربية من 1 - 20 - Arabic Numbers Workbook Practice

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Numbers in Arabic worksheets

Connect the dots: bear – dot to dot games for children counting number 1-20

تدريبات الأرقام باللغة العربية من 1 - 20

Printable Arabic Number Practice Worksheets

This is a very useful practice math worksheet pdf for kindergarten kids and 1st-grade students to practice counting, reading, and writing Arabic numbers. Download and print it. it’s totally free

Download Arabic Numbers Workbook Practice PDF

In this pdf file :

  • Missing Arabic Number Worksheets 1-20, Similarly, kids will count things and write the missing numbers.
  • Circle the correct Arabic number
  • Sort the Arabic  numbers in ascending order
  • Connect the Arabic numbers to what suits them
  • A good resource for Arabic number recognition.
  • The file pdf can be print as many times as you like.

In this article, we introduced PDF free printable worksheets to practice Arabic numbers for preschoolers. Therefore, kids can learn and master counting, reading, and writing numbers 1-20 with tons of fun.

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