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Learn the Arabic letter Waw (و) with words

Hello guys, here we present Game of the Day,...

Arabic alphabet: letter Waw worksheets, Free Printable

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Arabic Alphabet story for letter Waw (و)- Learn Arabic

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Learn the Arabic letter Dhaal (ذ) with words Alphabet Game

Hello guys, here we present Game of the Day, ‘STOP THE BUS’ It’s fantastic game which help our children and Beginners in Arabic to learn Arabic

Now we talk about the letter Dhaal (ذ) Learn the Arabic letter dhaal (ذ) with words

كلمات تبدأ بحرف الدال ( ذ ) – اسم حيوان نبات جماد بلاد بحرف ذ
Learn the Arabic letter Dhaal (ذ) with words

1- Arabic words that start with dhal

words that start with ذ

Stop it’s complete game

stop-it’s-complete is a game I really enjoy playing with my students. The joy about this game is that it’s completely adaptable for all levels of students and really challenges their vocabulary.

2- Arabic letter Zaal words flashcard


arabic letter dhaal words

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How the Arabic letter Thal is written

  • صُورَةُ ذِئْبٍ،
  • صُورَةُ ذُرَةٍ ،
  • وَصُورَةُ ذِرَاعٍ.

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3 – Arabic words with zaal (boy’s names start with (ذ)(

  • ذكير
  • ذرعان
  • ذريد
  • ذريان
  • ذكري
  • ذخير
  • ذمام
  • ذرنك

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4 – Arabic words that start with Dhaal (girl’s names)

  • ذكية
  • ذلفاء
  • ذهب
  • ذهبية
  • ذروف

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5 – Arabic words that start with dhal animal’s names

  • ذئب.
  • ذبابة.
  • ذحقف.
  • ذيخ.

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6 – Plants that Start with thal – Learn Arabic

  • نبات ذرة.
  • نبات ذعلوق.
  • ذنبان.
  • نبات ذفراء.
  • نبات ذرق.
  • ذانون.

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7 – Arabic name for things start with zaal

  • ذهب
  • ذاكرة
  • ذخيرة سلاح
  • ذقن.
  • ذراع.

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8 – Arabic name for country start with Dhal

Names of places in Arabic begin with ذ

  • قرية الذيبيه.
  •  الذييل
  • .  الذهبية .
  • قرية الذنيبة .
  • محافظة ذي قار .
  • ذراع بن خدة.
  • ذهان الهندية .
  • ذهبان .
  • ذمار.
  • ذي سفال .

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9 – Learn Arabic – Food names in Arabic ذ

  • ذره
  • ذانون
  • ذعلوق
  • الذفراء
  • ذنبان

10 . Learn names of Jobs in Arabic language start with the letter zaal

  • ذواق
  • ذواقة

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11- Word examples using the Arabic letter zaal

  • ذَهَــــــبٌ
  • تِــــلْـــــمِــــيــــــذٌ
  • مِـــــئْـــــــذَنَةٌ
  • ذُبَـــــــابَـــــــةٌ
  • ذَيـــــلٌ
  • أُذُنٌ
  • ذُرَةٌ
  • ذِرَاعٌ
  • نَــــــافِـــــــذَةٌ
  • قُــنْـــــفُـــذٌ
  • حِــــــــــذَاءٌ
  • ذرة
  • ذبابة
  • ذهان
  • رذاذ
  • ذقن
  • بذل
  • فخذ

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Arabic letters Zaal (ذ) beginning, middle end flashcards

Worksheets Arabic alphabet, letter – z – with vowels and words

arabic short vowels worksheets

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Stories of Arabic letters with pictures

Arabic Alphabet story for letter dhaal (with video, pictures, and text)

Here is the story of the letter T for children of kindergarten and preschool, to learn words with the letter z and the forms of the letter z in the first, middle and last word.
Let’s follow the story together:


arabic letter dhaal words

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Finally, this game is a practice for children to enhancement their language and educational tools for learning Arabic alphabet for beginners.we hope this topic  arabic letter dhaal words Learning the Arabic letter zaal(ذ) with words is useful for you.

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