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موضوع تعبير عن شهر رمضان المبارك

ها هو شهر رمضان يقترب منّا بنفحاته الإيمانية الزكيّة،...

موضوع تعبير عن شهر رمضان بالانجليزي Ramadan Mubarak

كما تعودتم من موقعكم بالعربي نتعلم أن نعرض الموضوعات...

بحث عن البيئة .. نصائح بسيطة للحفاظ على البيئة

نقدم لك صديقي بحث عن البيئة .. نصائح بسيطة...

موضوع تعبير عن فصل الربيع للاطفال

تعد كتابة موضوع تعبير عن فصل الربيع للاطفال تجربة...

موضوع تعبير عن اليوم الوطني العماني بالانجليزي قصير

تعبير عن اليوم الوطني العماني بالانجليزي قصير من موقعكم(بالعربي نتعلم ) لطلاب المدارس من فاعليات اليوم الوطني العماني الـ 53  فاليوم الوطني من أهم الأحداث الوطنية في كل دول العالم للحفاظ على الوحدة.
و أيضا الحب والسلام وغيرها من القيم بين أفراد المجتمع.

موضوع تعبير عن اليوم الوطني العماني بالانجليزي قصير

موضوع تعبير عن اليوم الوطني العماني بالانجليزي قصير

يعتبر سؤال التعبير عن اليوم الوطني العماني 53 من أهم الوسائل التي يتم من خلالها العمل على تنمية روح القومية لدى الطلاب، حيث يعتبر أنه الوسيلة المثالية التي يتم من خلالها التعرف على الجهود المبذولة من الأجداد في سبيل تأسيس سلطنة عمان .

The eighteenth of November is an official holiday in the Sultanate of Oman, as this day is the country’s National Day, and it coincides with the birthday of the late Sultan Qaboos. The birthday of Sultan Qaboos was chosen to be the country’s national day in honor of the great efforts he made to advance the Sultanate of Oman. During his reign, the country took a clear path towards development and urbanization. As well it created friendly relations with other countries of the world based on peace and mutual stability, which aims to enhance the security of the country. This occasion is celebrated through many distinctive means, such as decorating buildings, setting off fireworks, competitions and military parades, and other things that indicate rejoicing.

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 اليوم الوطني العماني 53

One of the important days in the history of the Omani people is National Day, a day that reminds us of the heroism of our ancestors and their dedication to defending our dear country. Our homeland, which watered the heroes of its soil with their blood. This National Day comes every year to make us more certain that the land of man is his honor, and without it, no homeland includes this human being. Rather, then man will be an unpopular guest in every country he visits.

On Omani National Day, we open our eyes with pleasure as we see the light that shines today after the departure of the occupiers and the survival of the country for us to live it in peace and security. We open our eyes so we don’t see any of the invaders greedy for our land, those invaders who only care about their safety and the safety of their subjects. Those invaders who sinned when they came to our country. And when they came to us, they saw how determination and strength are, so they left our country with all humiliation and they are subject to us. And the homeland remains for us, and we covenant, O our land, to remain your protectors forever.

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تعبير عن اليوم الوطني العماني بالانجليزي

أجمل عبارات جميلة عن اليوم الوطني العماني 53

The Sultanate of Oman celebrates every year on the 18th of November the Omani National Day. This is the day when the ancestors expelled the Portuguese occupation from their lands about 372 years ago, after which the Omani Sultanate was established, bringing with it victory and hope for its citizens. The Portuguese came with the hope that they would live in their promised paradise where security and prosperity, but they came to Hell, where they became an example for everyone who wanted to conquer Oman again.

The heroism of our ancestors against these greedy invaders continued, and the invaders received one slap after another until the revolution of our ancestors came that burned the earth under their feet. So the invaders turned, with disappointment covering their faces, so they returned from the place they came from. The Sultanate of Oman turned the page of the occupation and then began the pages of glory and honor. After that, years of civilization and glory came to the Sultanate, and today the Sultanate of Oman has become a country that many countries follow its civilized approach and imitate in terms of prosperity, security, and safety

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 Omani National Day – A Celebration of Our Beautiful Country

On the eighteenth of November of each year, the Sultanate of Oman celebrates its National Day, where hands rise to praise God – the Blessed and Almighty – that the people of the Sultanate of Oman have been granted security, safety, stability, and liberation from the brutal occupation so that the country of Oman lives with love and freedom, where manifestations of joy and pleasure spread. In the faces of all the people of the Sultanate, the state carries out many activities and events within its national day, and schools government, and private institutions prepare celebrations and spread the story of national liberation among all the people of the Sultanate of Oman.

تحتفل سلطنة عمان في الثامن عشر من نوفمبر من كل عام بعيدها الوطني، حيث ترتفع الأيادي حامدة الله -تبارك وتعالى- أنّهُ منّ على أهل سلطنة عمان بالأمن والأمان والاستقرار والتحرر من يد الاحتلال الغاشم، فتعيش بلاد عمان بكل حبة وحرية، حيث تنتشر مظاهر الفرحة والسرور في وجوه كل أبناء السلطنة، وتقوم الدولة بالعديد من النشاطات والفعاليات ضمن يومها الوطني، وتقوم المدارس والمؤسسات الحكومية والخاصة بإعداد احتفاليات ونشر قصة التحرر الوطني بين جميع أبناء سلطنة عمان.

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Omani National Day is a very special day for all of us in Oman. It’s a day when we come together to celebrate our country and show how much we love it. In this essay, we will talk about what we do on Omani National Day and why it’s so important.

When did Oman get independence?

In 1891, Oman and Muscat became a British Protectorate. For much of this period, the Sultan controlled the co around Muscat while the Imam governed the interior from Nizwa. Under the 1951 Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation, Oman received independence from Britain.

Which National Day is Oman*

Today’s Google Doodle on November 18 marks Oman’s National Day, honoring the oldest independent state in the Arab world. The doodle symbolizes the country’s liberation from Portuguese forces on this day in 1650, ending almost 150 years of colonization.

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 Decorations and Flags*

صور علم سلطنة عمان 

The National Flag of Oman was adopted by Royal Decree on 17th December 1970 and updated by Royal Decree on 22nd May 2004.

The flag is rectangular and consists of three horizontal bands of white, green and red, with a vertical red band on the left (hoist) side that contains the National Emblem of Oman in white.

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Traditional Clothes*

Many people wear traditional Omani clothes on National Day. Boys and girls wear thobes and abayas, and they look very nice in them. It’s a way to show our culture and heritage.

Parades and Celebrations*

There are parades and celebrations in many cities across Oman on National Day. We can see amazing performances, like dances and songs. Some people even ride horses and camels in parades. It’s so much fun to watch!

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Traditional Celebrations*

صور ازياء الشعوب .. العائلة العمانية

People celebrate Omani National Day in many fun ways. Families and friends gather to enjoy traditional food like Mandi. There are also parades, music, and dances. Some people even dress up in traditional Omani clothes, like the “Thobe” for men and the “Abaya” for women.

Fireworks and Lights*

In the evening, some fireworks light up the sky. They are so pretty, and we love watching them. The lights make our cities look magical.

Food and Family*

Families and friends get together on National Day to enjoy delicious food. We eat traditional Omani dishes. It’s a time to be with loved ones and have a good time.

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? Why National Day is Important*

أجمل عبارات جميلة عن اليوم الوطني العماني 53

Omani National Day is important because it reminds us of our history and how our country was founded. We remember the great leaders who worked hard to make Oman what it is today. It’s a day to be thankful for our country and to promise to take care of it.

National Pride*

 Omani National Day is a time when we all feel proud to be Omanies. We remember our history, our leaders, and all the progress our country has made. It’s a day to be thankful for our safe and beautiful homeland.

Looking to the Future*

On National Day, we also think about the future of Oman. We hope for a bright future with even more progress, happiness, and success. It’s a day to dream big and work hard to make our dreams come true.


Omani National Day is a day filled with joy, love, and pride for our beautiful country. We celebrate our culture, traditions, and history. It’s a time for families and friends to come together and have

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Oman to celebrate National Day on Saturday

صور ورسومات عن اليوم الوطني العماني 53 .. رسم عن اليوم الوطني

And every year there must be festive manifestations of the National Day, as it has popular celebrations that stem from the hearts and hearts of Omanis, and express sincere feelings, not mixed with any feelings of hypocrisy. Among the festive atmosphere that we see in the Omani Sultanate on that day are:

  • The start of equestrian shows and camel races.
  • Establishing a marine festival for the National Day.
  • Uploading pictures of Sultan Qaboos all over the kingdom.
  • Presenting a military parade as a tribute to the Sultanate of Oman and a celebration of its long history.
  • Parades and fireworks set off to make that day special from the rest.
  • Putting decorations in streets and buildings, as well as raising the flag of the Sultanate of Oman throughout the country, in addition to hanging pictures of the National Day emblem.
  • Among the most important of these festive manifestations is that daily newspapers, radio and television, as well as private radio stations, present some special popular celebrations, and they follow the celebrations in all parts of the country, so that Omanis can see them. We hear verses about Omani National Day all day long.

قصة علي والجمل لرياض الاطفال وحدة الرمل

قصص رياض اطفال مصورة بتطبيق حكايات بالعربي علّم ابنك بالصور قصة عن الجمل سفينة الصحراء
في قصة قصيرة عن الجمل للاطفال تعلم طفلك فوائد الجمل سفينة الصحراء وبعض خصائص البيئة الصحراوية بيئة وطننا الغالي .

لقراءة القصة المصورة بالكامل من هنــاقصة عن اليوم الوطني السعودي للاطفال

قدمنا لكم في هذا المقال  تعبير عن اليوم الوطني العماني بالانجليزي قصير  ، نأمل أن نكون وفرنا كل الوسائل التعليمية لرياض الأطفال ، اترك لنا تعليقاً في حيز التعليقات أسفل الصفحة. لا تنسَ متابعة صفحة (بالعربي نتعلم) الرسمية على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي.

تابعونا والمزيد من افكار انشطة و اوراق عمل لمرحلة رياض اطفال (وحدة الماء، وحدة الحيوانات ، وحدة الرمل ، وحدة كتابي , وحدة البيئة ، وحدة الغذاء الصحي ، وحدة العائلة ، وحدة الملبس ، وحدة وطني ، وحدة أنا وجسمي، وحدة الأصحاب ) على موقعنا بالعربي نتعلم
اقرأ لطفلك اجمل القصص والحكايات عربية مصورة بتطبيق حكايات بالعربي

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